"ReStart helped me find myself, my faith and my worth. There are so many amazing helpful, educated and smart leaders in our community and here they are to help raise one another up. The corporate world was ugly, and I lost sight of happiness and self worth. This reminded me that there are good leaders out there that want to help and raise one another up. I can't thank everyone enough for putting together this amazing community. Everyone also helped me realize that family and happiness is more important than being a miserable work horse to the 8-5 cubicle world. Thank you ReStart for helping me gain my confidence, worth and faith!"

"ReStart definitely lives up to its name. I have attended three times and each time I have found myself lifted up. I thought I was beyond being able to work at this point in time.I have found the areas I’m good at and I am able to match them to what an employer needs to see if we fit well together. I have found it amazing that at my age I can find exactly the work I love that can be meaningful and fit in my life as if is today. God really blesses this program. Thanks ReStart team."

"After attending restart, I learned a great deal about why I was leaving a career I’d been so passionate about! I also left with a better understanding of the value I bring to the workplace and I joined a community of others going through similar situations. It can feel very isolating to go through a career change and restart community groups motivated me each week. I’m very happy in my new role and it’s directly tied to someone I met through restart!"

"After attending Restart I learned how to use Linkedin to its full potential and was able to find a new job!"

"I owe great appreciation to your guidance in Restart and to the efforts of everyone. To think prior to Restart I had no idea how to utilize LinkedIn in my search for employment. Far more important is understanding how to Trust In Him and to continue to do good things. Thank you -ReStart Conference Participant"

"Thanks to ReStart, I am so much more confident in my career transition than before! The ReStart team is full of people who are knowledgeable, kind, and generous. Definitely check out this organization and upcoming events if you are unemployed, underemployed, or in transition."

"This is a great resource for growing into your life purpose in your work life."

"Restart is Informative and Inspiring! Do what you Love... That’s how you Dream Awake"

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