About Us

ReStart is a volunteer group of individuals and professionals of all ages from diverse industries and backgrounds.The goal of the organization is to reach out to individuals in the community with the love of Christ and provide the support and tools needed to be successful in their job search. ReStart was founded in 2011 and has since trained over 1800 individuals in multiple Career Conferences and Workshops, earning a 95% approval rating by participants. ReStart also offers Community Groups to provide ongoing support to conference participants and individuals needing support with additional tools for their job search.

The ReStart Career Development Community is a Christian partnership between Seacoast and East Cooper Baptist Churches committed to help people:

  • Re-start life by teaching the best possible ways to find employment;
  • Provide a framework for individuals to boldly step forward in a new career;
  • Develop a broad network of engaged people to help find employment; and
  • Join an ongoing network to assist others who may experience the trauma of job loss.

The objectives of the ReStart Career Development Community are to:

  • Reach out to individuals in our community with the love of God;
  • Provide a biblically based framework to boldly step forward in a new career;
  • Provide tools to enhance an individual’s job search; and,
  • Create a missional community in the context of these goals.

Our Leadership Team

Tom YoungTom Young, Founding Member, Network Chair
Retired as President of YMG, Inc. a consulting practice working with Southeast and Midwest U.S. financial service companies and a former bank president. He is a Board member of Re-Member, a not-for-profit working with the Oglala Lakota Native Americans on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Byron Davis, Founding Member, Seacoast Liaison & Finance Chair
A Seacoast Church Trustee, Retired COO Seacoast Church, Board Member-In Every Story and Retired CEO, Fisher Price Toys.

Brad Reed, ECBC Liaison Chair
Director of Business Development and Innovation at Ingevity Corporation. Brad has over 35 years of experience in for profit and nonprofit organizations, and has served as President of Water Missions International and as Vice President / General Manager of Celgard, LLC.

Todd HicksTodd Hicks, Events Coordination Chair
Todd is a leader/entrepreneur with over 35 years of diversified domestic and international business and management experience. Todd is a member of Seacoast church and became involved in ReStart in 2014. As a "job seeker" himself, he found the ReStart Conference and community group experience the reason for his success in landing the job "God had intended".

Paul Walter, Vice Chair & Community Groups Chair
Paul is employed by as Competency Manager for the Ashore Systems Engineering Competency at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic in Charleston, South Carolina. As a hiring manager, Paul has participated in numerous recruiting events and interview panels and has reviewed hundreds of resumes. Paul has served as a volunteer for the ReStart Conference since 2014. His has given him the opportunity to provide useful resume building and interviewing technique feedback to ReStart participants.

Deirdre RaganDeirdre D. Ragan, Ph.D., Registration & Volunteers Chair
Deirdre Ragan has always had a thirst for knowledge, a quest for organization, and a passion for people. She spent years doing scientific research, volunteering at literacy-focused non-profits, working in early childhood education, and being a stay-at-home mom before she came to ReStart in 2014. The ReStart conference and community group materials were instrumental in her appreciating her skills and choosing a path forward. Deirdre has been a volunteer with ReStart since 2015, assisting with the Mt. Pleasant community group, presenting at conferences and serving on the Leadership Team.

Karen Sofge, Marketing Content Chair
Human Resources/Administrative professional with skills in networking, process improvement, editing/communications, team management, and customer service.

Richard Sykora, Social Media Chair
Richard Sykora has been in customer service management for over 23 years. Richard developed successful support models in both national and global operations. He also has navigated through several large scale transformation projects resulting in significant cost savings throughout the support organization. Richard is Manager, Customer Support at Blackbaud, and Lean Practitioner Certified. Richard joined Restart 3 years ago as a volunteer and table leader for conferences and Mount Pleasant Community Group sessions, and joined the Restart Leadership team March, 2018.

Terry Melkus, Curriculum Chair
Terry Melkus previously worked with First Data Resources as a Corporate Trainer, advancing to Director of Training & Quality teams at multiple locations. She started her current consulting business, ADDIE Solutions, in 2007 to help businesses develop their people & processes and increase performance. Terry is a Value Added Associate of TTI Success Insights*, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Certified Professional Motivators Analyst, Certified Professional TriMetrix HD Analyst.

*Based on a unique 55-factor analysis, TriMetrix HD helps companies discover superior talent, improve communication, reduce turnover, and increase overall productivity.

Terry Gantenbein, Summerville Community Group Leader
Terry is the Competency Supervisor for the C4ISR and IO Competency at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SSC) Atlantic in Charleston, South Carolina. Mr. Gantenbein has worked for SSC Atlantic for 5 years, for Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory as a Group Supervisor for 16 years, and for the U. S. Navy for 22 years as a General Submarine Officer.

Terry has been a hiring manager of technical staff for both SSC Atlantic and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.