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The ReStart 2014 Career Conference

Free career education conference designed to help unemployed, underemployed or those individuals in transition to get their life and career back on purpose.

What: Participants will learn about four components of job searching:

  • Making a decision on career continuation or change
  • Resume writing techniques
  • Honing networking skills
  • Job interviewing tips and strategies

Guest speakers include Derek Snook, President of In Every Story, a unique labor services agency in Charleston. Workshop leaders include seasoned business and HR professionals from the community with a broad range of experience and skills.

When: November 8th, 2014 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Where: Summerville Campus of Seacoast Church located at 301 E 5th North Street
in Summerville, SC

Why: “We felt individuals in the greater Charleston community needed help and ongoing support in their job search” stated Tom Young, one of the event organizers. Unemployment is currently 5.2%. However, this does not include those who have given up hope and are no longer looking for work or those who are underemployed and want a better job and future. It also doesn’t include those who have not been working for years, such as retirees or stay-at-home parents, and now due to financial pressures need to go to work. People in these situations need training on how to write a resume; how to interview; how to network; and most importantly, what they are best suited to do with their careers” said Young.

The conference is designed to give participants powerful tools to enhance their search for employment and an opportunity to get hands-on practice and feedback during the smaller group sessions. “This conference is just the beginning of ReStart’s efforts. We also facilitate participants forming job search networking teams that continue to meet in support after the initial conference, “ stated Young. Additional free workshops are offered in four main disciplines: interviewing, resume writing, social media use; and networking. Five prior conferences and five workshops have trained over 600 individuals and earned 90+% positive approval ratings by participants.

Admission/ Registration: This event is open to anyone living in the tri-county metro Charleston area. The event is free, but participants must register to attend.

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