Restart Conference FAQs

In order to make sure the conference meets all of your expectations, please review the following information which will enhance your conference experience!

Where is the conference located?  
Seacoast Church, 750 Long Point Rd, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Will I be able to get a headshot for my LinkedIn profile?
Yes, a professional Photographer will be on site to provide a headshot for free. The photos are typically available about two weeks after the conference. We will provide you a link to retrieve your headshot once they are uploaded to the internet.

What is the Dress Code?
Business Casual. Treat this as a networking event as well as a career conference. You will meet a lot of people.

Will there be a lunch?
Lunch is provided at no cost.

Is there a cost to this conference?
Yes, the registration fee is only $10 (non-refundable). If you feel like the conference was of value to you, any additional donations are accepted to help offset the internal costs of the conference.  You will be provided resources free of Charge:  complete Workbook, Professional teaching on all subjects, A Self-Assessment Profile Test, Free Lunch, all Totaled, valued at $1,500 +.

 Why is this conference (valued @ $1,500+ ) only $10 to attend?  
Because it is a Shared Ministry of Seacoast Church and East Cooper Baptist Church to equip the unemployed, the underemployed and those in career transition to live on purpose by securing the career God has designed uniquely for them.

When should I arrive? Check-is is at 7:30am, the conference starts at 8am. Coffee is available all day.

When does the conference end? 3:30PM

Do I have to be a member of Seacoast or East Cooper Baptist Church to be able to attend the conference?
No, the conference is open to all in the community who are in search of assistance in their career transition.

Do I get to keep the conference guide?
Yes, the conference guide and core curriculum is yours to keep, which includes presentation slides, TTI Assessment, workshop exercise, and more.

Should I bring my laptop/tablet?
This is a personal choice. If you like to keep track of notes, information, contacts you will make, and of course your TTI assessment electronically, you certainly can use a laptop/tablet. Many past attendees have done so. The conference guide does have sections and areas for notes if you like the analog way.

What does the day look like?
The conference comprises of 2 general sessions, 4 breakout sessions, and Lunch.

At check-in, each person is assigned a group – Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue.

The day starts with the opening general session and talks about Managing Change.

A schedule will guide you where to go for each breakout session. Everyone rotates to the next session with their assigned group.

Between the 2nd and 3rd session, Lunch will be served. This will allow time to eat, network, and learn more about Community Groups.The day ends with the closing general session.

What is the TTI assessment and why is it important?
The free TTI assessment is a critical tool in your job search or transition. The assessment breaks down exactly what makes you who you are, how to relate to others, and your propensities towards different careers. You will see job descriptions in a whole new way after you review your TTI assessment results.

Do I need to bring my assessment results to the conference?
Yes, one of the breakout sessions will go over how to review your assessment results and will talk through the data. Having your assessment with you will only enhance this session. You can bring a printed version or use your table/laptop.

Should I sign up for the Community Groups ?
Community Group is a part of the overall ReStart process. It is highly recommended that you attend a CG after the conference. Although each section of our curriculum is covered at the conference, the CG meetings allow a much more deeper dive into the material, and allows us to get to know each of your unique needs.

Community Group sessions generally start a few weeks after the conference, and we typically run 3 groups:  Mount Pleasant, Summerville, and West Ashely so its geographically convenient. The CG meets every other week for 8 sessions.  During the CG, the group often become an additional resource to one another, where friendships start, and a feeling of “community” You are not alone in this journey. A schedule is updated and posted on our website for your convenience.

What else can I learn about Restart?
Please visit our website at and explore the site. We update the content with additional resources, information, and hidden job postings. We also encourage you to join our Facebook page and LinkedIn Community page, as we post events, jobs, and other information.